In the education system with E-MEROS, the Training Center website portal, E-Commerce training sales and activation portal, Training management and organization system, Certification system, Asynchronous and Synchronous training system, Pre-accounting system (e-Invoice), Reporting system for annual activity reports, NetGSM virtual control customer service system, e-Devler integration system, ARASİS/BİDEP/EYOSİS integration system, Cargo shipping integration systems are all hosted.

Foreign Student Examination System

The foreign student system has been developed to enable international foreign students who want to study in Turkey to perform many transactions on a single platform and to minimize the intensity of universities. They can make their applications through the portal and access announcements, exam centers, contents, results, calendars and guides.

Activity Monitoring System

It is a management system where institutions and organizations can follow the Strategic Plan, meetings, decisions and activities they have created through a single portal. Decisions taken at meetings are assigned to units and personnel through this system, and the actions to be taken are monitored and reported.

Learning Management System

It is a software where education management is gathered on a single portal and educator, candidates, course schedule, attendance procedures are kept under record.

Trade Portal System

The Trade Portal system allows its members to access a wide range of content through a single window. It minimizes the workload, especially in announcements to be made by crowded groups, payment systems, and by keeping many data under record. It enables registered members to easily access surveys, announcements, event calendar and many service units.